Short form with author long name


I’m a newbye and use EndNote X3 and MS Word 2007.

I want to make a footnote style like in bottom example and I don’t know it is possible to have in a short form a short title, but a long author:

  1. E.M. Cioran, Sur les cimes du desespoir, Bucharest: Vremea, 1936.

  2. Something else.

  3. E.M. Cioran, Sur les cimes…, pp. 30-35. (here I have now short author: Cioran, Sur les cimes…, but I want the long name).

It is possible?

Thank you very much and happy new year in advance!


P.S. Sorry for my English.

Have you found a solution for this problem?

I have exactly the same problem and haven’t found a way to cope with it yet…