Citing Plates etc. and Bibliography

Hello Community

First sorry for my english, it’s not my first language.

I have questions concerning Endnote (I’m using Endnote X9 on Mac an work with Word for Mac)

No. 1:

So the thing is I know how to quote a specific page (I add it via Edit & Manage Citation(s)).

But: Sometimes I need to quote a specific Plate from a book e. g. I want my Citation to look like this: “Dodson 1991, 23 and Pl. 16” (Pl = Plate).

How can I do that? I noticed that when I change it manually Endnote will delete it after i Update everything (which is logical I understand).

But Endnote doesn’t give me the possibility to add something like ‘Pl. 13’ (or sometimes I would need Taf. 12 for the german word Tafel). Is it possible to add this?

So basically:

  1. How can I add not only a page number to my Citation but also additional things like ‘Pl. 12’ or ‘Fig. 1’?

  2. How can I connect something like this to e. g. the page number via ‘and’. I mean it should look like this in the End ‘Dodson 1991, 23 and Pl. 12’ and not like ‘Dodson 1991, 23 Pl. 12’.

EDIT:  Ok I found a way which works 50% - by adding ‘and Pl. 12’ as Suffix. But: In my output style I alway put a period (.) at the end of the templates. The thing is my ‘and Pl. 12’ now stand behind this period. (Dodson 1991, 23. and Pl. 12). How can I change this? I want the dot to be at the end of everything.

Do I have to add in the template something like ‘suffix’ (is this possible?)?

Or is there even a better way to tell Endnote to put a period at the end of my citations (working with footnotes)?

No. 2:

In my bibliography at the end I need - next to the longe citations - also short references. In the end a titel should look like this:

Dodson 1991

     A. Dodson, A Twenty-First Dynasty Private Reburial at Thebes, in: JEA 77, 1991, 180-182.

Is there a possibility to do this with Endnote?

So that I have

  1. The Short form (Dodson 1991) - which is not always the same as the ‘short name’ in the output style!

  2. Can I use a hanging indent (is this the correct term? I want the second line to move a bit towards the middle) in my bibliography?

If any of you can help me I would be very grateful. I hope my problems are intelligible.

Best regardsCit