2 small EndNote problems

No matter how hard I try.  I just can’t get EndNote to put an Author, Date and Page Number in an intext citation e.g. James 2010 p55.  But it doesn’t add the page.  Any ideas?

And also is it possible to get EndNote to cite original publication dates in square brackets, i.e. (Smith 1997 [1776])

Smith is the author, 1997 is latest reprint year and 1776 is the original date of publication.

Answers on a postcard please.  I am stumped.

Thanks, Jim

The page numbers option needs to be included in the citation of the output style you choose.  Many don’t have that.  The quick way to get around it, is to put the p55 itself in the suffix instead (right click in the formatted citation, edit citation, more - but you probably know all that if you were trying to put the cited page in the other box).  The long way and more power user way, is to edit the output style.

To automate the second one, you would either also need to edit the citation field in the output style or just type [1776] into the suffix field of the edit citation options, as above.  

For cited pages in the citation template of an output style that has it, see APA 6th.  

I like the use of the suffix field as a workaround.  Thanks!  And editing the style worked on my PC, but not on someone else’s.  Oh well.

As for APA 6th, it has Cited Pages in the citation template.  But no Cited Pages in the Output Style.  Where do I enter Cited Pages?

Thanks, Jim

Not sure what you mean by not being in  the “output style”?  

You mean in the bibliography template?  That is uncommon - at least in science. You cite that pages of the article not the precise page that is cited in the citation. 

If you edit the style on one computer, you need to transfer the output style to the other computer (email it and open it on the other computer and “save as”, with a new name and make sure the settings in the word  document utilize that new edited output style.  

I am having the same problem I cant add page numbers to an in text citation I am using EN6 with Mac Word 11.  Where do I find output style and how do I alter it?  I cant believe you left the page off APA6

Thx Cyn

The citation template in APA 6th includes a weird field called ‘Cited Pages’.  However, if you enter a new reference (any format will do) using APA 6th there is no field called ‘Cited Pages’.  There is the usual Pages and Start Page, but they are not Cited Pages.  It’s weird.

I think I will have to rely on the suffix field work around to get the original date of publication alongside the reprint year of publication.  I’ll have a go at editing the Output Style and perhaps using a Custom Field to capture this data.

Leanne, you are a star.  Thanks ever so much for all your help.

“Cited Pages” is a field that is captured from the “Edit Citation” menu in the Word tools for endnote.  

The easiest way to get to it is to right click in a formatted citation, from the menu that pops up, chose “edit citation” near the bottom and then “more”.  You can also get to it from the endnote ribbon “edit and manage citations”.  

There are three boxes (see image).  The third - would probably be best called “cited pages” but it is just called pages.  What you enter here, will show up in the citation as the page or pages in APA 6th.  It will not show up in the citation in any output style that does not have the “field” cited pages in the citation template.  That output style would need to be edited to include the “Cited Pages” field which is available in the dropdown “insert field” in the citation template.  It should look like this

(Author, |Year|,*p.^pp.*Cited Pages|)  if you want p. for a single page and pp. for multiple pages.  Also there should be “link adjacent” spaces (also inserted from the “insert field” dropdown) surrounding the p.^pp. field so that the spaces and text don’t show up where there are no pages cited.   These look like little circles to these old eyes, although I am told they are actually little triangles!  (they are represented in my text above as asterisks).