Edit & Manage citations

Dear community, 

I am using Endnote X7 on Word 2016 for Mac and the reference author-date (which I had to modify).  

I need to cite in footnotes, for ex. like this: _Author, _Title, Journal, Year, (starting page), and then I have to add the cited page. 

Now if I go to edit and manage citations and add a suffix, prefix or a page, it simply doesn’t appear in my worddocument. I really don’t know, what the problem could be. 

Is there anyone who could help me? 

Thank you very, very much in advance

What did you modify in the output style? Can you attach your modified output style file?


I dont know why, I didn’t change anything, but somehow, today I can add a suffix and a prefix…I still cant add the page, but I can work with suffixes at least and that helps me a lot. 

I have attached 2 pictures of the changes I had to make to comply with my german lawschool citation-rules…

Thank you very much for your answer!