Clearing Recent Open Items

I am a backup/restore administrator and I frequently have to restore EndNote data for users.  As a consequence of this they may end of with multiple versions of their libraries named the same but in different folders.  After they open these they end up with multiple library references in their File Open Menu for the recent items.   The recent items doesn’t show the full path and there is no way to expand the path or delete extraneous entries from the EndNote User Interface. 

The recent items are stored in the Windows Registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ISI ResearchSoft\EndNote\Recent Libraries and currently there is no interface other than RegEdit.  This doesn’t seem particularly user friendly to me.  I would like to see EndNote add a feature similar to the Windows 7 Right-Click Menu interface to the Recent Items in the Start Menu for managing the entries.  I sent an email request to Thompson ReutersTechnical Support regarding Case “#TS-01343072:Clearing Recent Open  Items” and they recommended posting it here for other users and the development staff to review.

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I too often get my libraries confused when in two different locations with the same name (i.e. Network vs local on my laptop, read/write and read only folders on our network).  Having the path as well would assist in distinguishing files.  Implementation of the use of win7 access to recent items might also be useful, although I often find that feature confusing in itself!