Various glitches with X2 on a mac

I’d be grateful for any suggestions as to what’s going wrong for me.  The problems are various and I’ll try to present them sequentially:

  1. When I open Endnote for the first time in the day, it does not open the most recent library, despite that being the setting.  I have to go to File>Open recent and then select the one I want.
  2. When I select the library from the list of recently used ones, U get a dialogue box with an option to ‘Save as…’  I then have to cancel this and repeat step 1 (above).  This time it works.  
  3. An open library does not have its name visible at the top of its window, so if I’ve got more than one open at a time it can be confusing.
  4. When I manage to open a recently used library, it does not remember the citation style from previous use, so I have to re-select it.
  5. The library itself lists the author under the ‘image’ heading, journal article is listed under ‘author’, citation number is listed under ‘year’.
  6. I cannot delete a reference from the library, whether by way of Edit>Clear or References>Delete References or dragging to trash.
  7. I cannot use drag and drop to move or copy references from one library to another.

There may be other problems that I’ve not yet encountered.

In techno terms, I’m working with Mac OS X version 10.5.8 and Endnote X2.0.1 (Bld 3889)  I upgraded from Endnote 8 which seemed to be working ok but i hadn’t used it that much. I’ve tried deleting endnote 8 which was still in the computer and also reinstalling X2 but to no avail.

I should also add that at the top of each library window - where I would expect to read the name of the library - it reads ‘Endnote 8’ which is rather surprising given the information in the previous paragraph.

Any help gratefully received.

This issue can come up if residual EndNote preference files are still present on the computer. You should be able to reset the EndNote preferences to fix this problem by following the steps found in this FAQ:

Be sure to have EndNote closed when following those steps. When you re-launch EndNote, the issues you mentioned should be resolved.

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That’s just grand - problems all seem to be resolved.  Many thanks.