Cloud storage and sync with Dropbox or iCloud

EndNote has been great so far, but its syc options and capabilities are lagging behind some other reference managers available today. So, I would like to suggest the following improvements:

First, Give users the option of syncing with some other cloud service such as Dropbox or iCloud.

Second, imprive iPad sync. Sync with iPad has far been below my expectations. It may work well with very small libraries, but for those with thousand of references and attached files, EndNote sync has been a frustration, to say the least.

Third. EndNote Cloud syncing should give the option to upload only my database to the cloud. In other words, I should be able to choose not to send the (PDF) attachements to the cloud. This option was available in a previous version of EndNote, but it was discontinued since a previous previous version. Please,return this option.

To conlude, I just need to say that as I follow the blogs and reviews online, I have noted that many people are leaving EndNote for other reference managers. And this to a large extent because of the issues mentioend above. As for me, after having invested many years of research with EndNote and having now thousands and thousands of references and docs attached to my EN database, I would hate to change at this point. So I would apeal to the developers to take my suggestions into consideration. I’m available to speak with an EN developer, if needed. For now, I just hope someone at EN will read this.

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I could not agree with this sentiment more!

Endnote currently allows ONE libary to be synced online which means you have to store multiple projects in one giant file and create groups for each product.

I have over 200 projects and typically create a Library for each project and merge what I need if I need to. 

EN8 has obliterated the functionality of working through SugarSync, my chose sync program, which worked flawlessly before hand. 

The current EN system is short sighted and, to be quite honest, one that strong arms users into a proprietary system that is not functional unless you are willing to create one master library and work out of that. Let the user choose please.