Compatibility needed for Dropbox, SugarSync, or iCloud, etc. - at least one.

I am sorry to say that after 20+ years of Endnote use and the recommendation to all of my students for this program as an essential graduate school tool, I find it increasingly difficult to recommend it any further.

While I appreciate that company’s seek proprietary programming and one cannot accomodate all needs, the “black box” syncing system of EndNote for just one (1) library is dysfunctional and does not accomodate user needs, but simply strong arms users into the TR/Clarivate system.

Do you honestly expect users to create one, singular library for all  research projects, sub-divided into “groups,” that may entail 10,000 or more references and PDF’s? 

I completely understand that “the cloud” is not as straight forward as one would like to think, the TR/Clarivate system is not user friendly, nor does it enhance productivity vs. letting the user choose a path that enhances their productivity vs. being forced into a closed system and adjusting to drinking the TR/Clarivate system kool-aid.

Though you cannot accommodate all cloud systems, a factor that is likely muddled by ever-changing operating systems, it seems as though you could identify one cloud system outside of yours to enhance end-user preferences. Or, allow more than one library to be uploaded to your cloud. 

The problem with your system is that it does not let you easily work across multiple computers. Personally, I work from home, work and on the road. It’s 2017 for goodness sake. Allow users a cloud system that suits their needs rather than hamstringing us into a system that you perceive is robust, but is not. 

I can honestly say that I have now been directly responsible for over 300 Endnote sales to my students. Unfortunately, I am taking EN off the table as a student recommendation and will seek other sytems more user friendly to an open cloud system.

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You are totally right. I have been using EndNone throught the years and have recommeded it to my students. Now I work for an international organization with thousands of employees worldwide. But it is becoming difficult to recommend EndNote with enthusiasm as I did before. I have the impression that the developers or those who make the decisions about this program live in a bubble. I have called them a couple of times, and even posted a suggestion in the forum. But I haven’t noticed any interest in solving these issues. So I join my voice to yours in the hope that someone with decision power at EN will act on this request.

Thanks for the support Ebsouza

As it was explianed to me Endnote will not give this any serious consideration unless enough users request or protest about it. Hopefully this will help gain some traction. I won’t be surprised if we no on from EN responds.

If they do it will be in defense of the product relative to something “unique” that it offers. It’s interesting that other groups can manage Dropbox, like Papers, however, I do find EN better as a whole for managing references and would like to see it evolve as we have discussed.

We also use Endnote in our research group.

The issue to be not able to work with Endnote in a cloud based storage is a killer, though.

The workaround to stop syncing is not practical. I have not used other citation managing programs but does anyone know a program that works well with e.g. Dropbox?

Papers works in Dropbox and also has a Pubmed search feature as well as the ability for citations.

However, like EN, you are allowed only one library. To be fair, I have only used the PDF storage and cataloging feature so cannot speak about searching and citations, though I intended to start since EN doesnt’ work in Dropbox. 

Or, maybe I’ll try to find my license for an older version as everything up until to v8 worked fine in Dropbox and Sugar Sync for me. 

Maybe you were lucky before, because the reasons not to use dropbox have applied to every version of Endnote - ever. It is because it is an SQL database comprised of many folders and files which need to be saved and updated in a certain order.  If it is open in more than one place, it will be corrupted.   

I am sure you are right. Goddo to know. Thanks.  Guess I’ll leave (not) well enough alone and maybe some day TR/Clarivate will better facilitate the needs of scientists vs. forcing us into a poor platform (imo) which makes scientists adapt to the EN corporate model vs. actually meeting the needs of the scientist.

I am sure you are right. Good to know. Thanks.  Guess I’ll leave (not) well enough alone and maybe some day TR/Clarivate will better facilitate the needs of scientists vs. forcing us into a poor platform (imo) which makes scientists adapt to the EN corporate model vs. actually meeting the needs of the scientist.

Its a legacy thing.  Any new platform would be a new program, and not be “Endnote” compatible.  

I also totally agree that a connection to a cloud storage is necessary! I use EndNote Web for my thesis as well as the iPad app and I wanted to download all my annotated papers to dropbox which was not possible… So I had to download one after one until I had all my papers - what a waste of time!

It would be perfect if one could link the references to the documents to alter the documents while annotating in the EndNote app.

Another thing regarding the annotations in the app (I know this does not fit in here!): A function to collapse the text to see only the annotated/highlighted parts, more options for note taking would be great (mind maps, etc.). The app LiquidText has several great functions that would perfectly complement EndNote for iPad!

I created an account just to reply to this topic.

I have no choice in using Endnote due to my group leader and I can honestly say that no single piece of software has every lost me so much time as Endnote.

The amounts of time the database was corrupted because I am sharing it with my group leader via Dropbox to be able to work on papers together is crazy. We tried countless times to get the database sharing in Endnote itself to work, it never did.

On top of the countless times it has crashed my Word when updating references, even after disabeling cite-as-you-write. And how can things work so inefficient and slow on Windows? Let alone the horrible interface design.

How can Endnote get away with this? I really hope alternatives like Mendely get the power to overthrow this monstrosity.

Endnote is currently like Nokia before Apple/Android came along.

I’m a software developer myself, no outdated software here.

I totally agree with the comments above. We need more people to speak up. This may motivate EndNote developers to pay more attention to the needs of the user insteading of forcing everyone to fit within an outdated process. Syncing with Dropbox, iCloud, or some other service is long overdue. A more decent performance of the EndNote-iPad is equally urgent. Otherwise, I’ll have to find an alternative to EN.

Thanks guys. I respectfully don’t buy the legacy arguement as an excuse. One persons junk is another persons treasure and in the internet world one persons legacy is another persons - most peoples - antiquation. The internet and cloud rewards those who evolve and tends to leave behind those who ‘do it a certain way b/c this is the way we’ve always done it.’

Everytime Windows or Mac offer new operating systems they are generally…new systems or at least evolved systems with tons of new features and (hopefully) progression towards a thriftier and efficient operationg system. EN had no problem charging people for a recent spec bump to upgrade and they are certainly not shy on profitablity according to their recent quarterly reports. 

Invest in your customers, kids.