Endnote 6 Web Sync - multiple libraries?

Is there a way to sync muliple libraries between Endnote 6 and Endnote Web?

EndNote X6 was designed to Sync a single library with an EndNote Web account and not multiple libraries. If you have multiple libraries, we would suggest merging them. You can continue to keep them organized using EndNote’s Group feature. See the following article on merging libraries:


Except isn’t there a library size limitation?  

That is correct. There is currently a limit of 50,000 references and 5 GB of attachments.

Can I add multiple library since to an official wish list :slight_smile: As a PhD student, I’m working on two large research projects, each with several groups and sub-groups. To merge them would be a disaster. For now, this makes the web sync and the iPad app 50% as useful as I hoped.

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I agree, can this be added to a future release update?  As a doctoral student I have multiple groups and subgroups on my laptop for huge research projects, but on my iPad the group sets don’t even appear at all, just the groups.  Fixing that AND being able to sync multiple libraries would be extremely helpful in organizing, and I hope to continue to use Endnote in my professional research after my PhD program.

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Yet another doctoral student here who needs to sync multiple libraries (or at least alter the size limit) — I have one huge research project that eats up one library alone. I need a second EndNote library for the myriad references I use for the courses I teach and other general topics. As it is, I am only syncing one and constantly backing up the other. Not the most productive work flow…

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I totally agree! Having one huge library defeats the purpose of having multiple libraries to separate your work, makes the scanning and review of the uber-library tedious, and would have to slow operating times for searching, reports, etc. Espeically when you take it to the iPad environment.

I don’t see why the field is permanent once entered; it now refers to a library I no longer use? That library had errors and corrupted files (and 759 records). I’ve fixed it, and I want to be able to choose the correct library I’m working with (which currently has 126 records). Please open up that field and allow the old library to be replaced (on the web and/or iPad) with a library of one’s choosing!!!

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Endnote needs to keep up with technology!!! Really needs the ability to sync multiple libraries to a cloud for multiple computers and users. really frustrating!

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Another call from a PhD-student. I have currently 3 major libraries, two master thesisses, and one PhD library. I’m working on different computers throughout the university. Synchronizing with Endnote Web has two difficulties: (i) I lose all my groups and subgroups (my library of my PhD is just one group) and if I try to synchronize Endnote X7 (is installed on several computers in the University) with Endnote Web, it takes so much time to sync because it’s automaticcaly importing all the references of all my libraries (I cannot longer choose to only ‘download’ my PhD-group, what was a possibility in Endnote X6!). The only way is by Exporting and Importing through txt-files, but this is far from what I would call synchronizing. Hopefully this will be solved. As other repliers sayed, keep up with the multi-places-multi-devices-research-generation! 


As an academic researcher (and one supervising many doctoral students) I want to join the queue of people calling for the possibility of synching multiple libraries to Endnote Web. Over the years, and many books, I have far more than 100,000 references, and I also often have discrete projects where I want to share the library for just that project alone with a co-author or a research assistant. 

At present I cannot really use the synch feature properly because of this limitation. I can basically only use it for one of the projects I’m working on, and the others have to remain tied to separate libraries on my own computers.

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I add my name to the list of those who wish to have the option of syncing multiple libraries.  I am a college professors currently working in a book project and this one library limitation renders the iPad app unusable.  

I hope the developers can find a way to add it as a feature in Endnote 8.

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I also would like to add another call for syncing multiple libraries instead of being forced to merge all your libraries into one, where you can lose your references amongst multiple projects, not sure why Endnote is so stubborn to this call, is it really that technically challenging?

On another note, are there other citation managers that do allow syncing multiple libraries currently?

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I add my voice to the list of PhD students requesting the capacity for syncing multiple libraries in EndNote. I am just coming to terms that it is only possible to sync one library, after searching for several weeks for how to do just that. It does not seem like a significant additional feature, which is why it surprises me so much to find out it is not available. Thanks!

well it’s 2017 and I STILL have that problem as a PhD student with Endnote X8 obviously, the folks here at Endnote don’t seem to care about technological advances and that even the free reference manages already have this figured out…on that note; I will be using the free one that starts with an M until this issue is solved or until the folks at Endnote realize they are shooting themselves in the foot by not enabling sync across devices using the same account.