Color coding or highlighting references

I wish there ways a way of color coding or highlighting references.  It would be great to be able to keep track by colors or some quick visual marker which articles I’ve read, for instance.  I’d also like to keep track of which are the great articles and which are the not so good ones.  I can do this in a field, but it would be great to have a more visual way of marking references so that when I open a group, I could see right away which I’ve read, which are the great articles, etc.


I would like to be able to color code references also.


I can’t believe that with version X7 this feature hasn’t been implemented!  I have noticed more and more authors adding notes to their citations and it would be great to be able to make these more distinctive to alert the reader. 

While you can have a colored/underlined hypertext link in the citation, you can’t format color of any of the bibliography (other than URLs which are hard-coded that way).

Absolutely agree! This would help me use Endnote much more effectively.

Yeap! It will be great

I am totally agree! It will be really useful!

Now, this is a time-saving idea. I support it.

I also strongly agree that it would be great if there is a feature which can highlight or colour in references for easy following or categorising papers.

I’m looking for this useful feature but cannot find it out.