Highlighting references and groups

  1. It would be really handy if we could flag or highlight references - at the very least a standard flag/highlight so we can select e.g. important references. However what would be even more useful would be the ability to highlight references in different colours indicating things like -read, important, need to look at, probably won’t use and so on. Just having a simple colour palette like is provided in word and being able to use this on the references in the list would be extremely useful. Currently the only way to do this is to write it in ‘notes’ which takes time.

  2. Also, while groups are a great way to sort references it is hard to see quickly what groups the references in the list have been placed in. It would be handy if we could add a column that could easily display what groups a reference is in. I try to sort my references into what they are about as well as it being another way to group ‘important’ references etc. However, the only way to check this is to right-click the reference for the record summary which takes time and is not an easy way to see how all the references in the list have been sorted by me.

While not in color, I think their “rating system” was meant to help address requests such as this.