Suggestion for future endnote update!

Hi, I would really appreciate to see in EndNote, as soon as possible, the ability to customize color or inserted references. This allows to easily spot references and distinguish them form the rest of text. When I read a paper in which references are in different color I appreciate it! So, I would like to do so my writing in a quick manner using EndNote automatically. Obviously, this is feasible manually in Word, but it is tedious task, if we have 200 or more references! So, please make EndNote more flexible to customize such feature! Thank you.

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Hi - Word provides the ability to shade field codes in your documents. It’s customizable in the Word Options->Advanced settings. Look for the Display Content section and select Field Code Shading to Always. This is across the board, not a reference at time. Is this what you needed?

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

No, I am sorry, this is not what I am asking for. Actually, I meant that, after final formatting, I wish to ask EndNote to make all formatted references in the text body in a color different from the color of the main text (reference in blue and text in black) . Take a look at the this page: You will see that the references are formatted and are in blue. The main text is in black. Although these highlight hypertext links, I find text easier to read and references are easy to be eye-cached! In many recent edited books, I also see this feature, where references are in blue and the text is black. So, I wish to be able to automatically change reference color in one click. As EndNote formats references in one click, I expect this should be easy, but I didn’t find the trick! Or, maybe it is not built-in!

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I agree, since the endnote refs can now be real hyperlinks, it does make sense to me, to make them look like hyperlinks especially when they are! 

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In EndNote itself, click the Tools menu > Cite While You Write [CWYW] > Format Bibliography command. From this dialog, you can select to “Underline linked in-text citations” and click OK. The hyperlinked in-text citations should now appear in a different color than the main text with underlining. 

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Great! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you, Jason!

My editors would love this. In which EndNote version was this added? I have X2 and can’t find it. (Sounds like it’s time to lobby for an upgrade).

Kay Hessemer

X4 I think. Or the hyperlink function was added in X4, the feature below may be specific to X5.