COM error in only one document : Endnote X7 macOS Sierra

Hello, I am using CWYW with Word 15.32 on macOS Sierra.

In only one document, I am experiencing the COM error crash when I attempt to format my footnote references.

I have tried everything in 

The error does not occur when using the same function in other documents.

Also, when I remove the first Chapter in the effected document, the error doesn’t occur.

This leads me to believe there is a problem with a specific footnote or footnotes(s) which creates the problem.

Is there any way to isolate the reference that is causing the crash without having to go through all 100 one by one?

thanks very much


Is it a document created from a template with a macro? I have seen this problem, when there is an odd footnote macro unrelated to an Endnote inserted footnote, usually on the first page.  But I can’t find that thread.  

But the easiest way to find a corrupted footnote, is to copy 1/2 of the document – if it works – try to copy the other half, if one breaks, then split that in 1/2, until you focus in on the problem footnotes.  

Dear Leanne, thanks very much for your help!  

I will try that.