Coming Soon: Update for X6 Mac Users

Great news! EndNote X6.0.2 for Mac will be released tentatively on January 28.

This update will include a solution to the performance issues introduced with the OS X 10.8.2 update. This release, from Apple, created an issue for Mac users using Mountain Lion.

We will keep you updated on when it goes live and is ready for installation.

I just updated my copy of Endnote 6.0.2 and it is working smoothly.  Perfect timing since I have to turn in a book chapter by January 30th.  Thanks a lot to put some time into this Endnote guys!!! You should not rely on the Apple geeks to fix their problems.  

how did you do it?

i got this message when clicking on the patch

“This updater was unable to find any copies of Endnote that could be updated to Endnote X.6.0.2”

Endnote X6.0.1 is well installed in the application folder


EndNote X6.0.2 for Mac is now available!

Please note: you must install X6.0.1 for Mac prior to installing this update.

I’ve been using it for several hous today without any problems. Good to see everything back to normal.