New EndNote 20.5 - any comments, problems, esp from Mac users?

EndNote has released version 20.5. It would be interesting to hear from adopters about problems, frankly, especially from Mac users, who’ve had problems with earlier versions 20.3 and 20.4

Just installed 20.5 on a Windows laptop. I was hoping that ‘minor bug fixes’ included sorting out the speed and the constant ‘not responding’ issues - so far there may be a minimal improvement in speed, but I haven’t noticed anything substantially different.

Hi! Funny enough 20.5 comes with stating “Resolved issue with updater not finding existing version of EndNote” – and fails in exactly this! I run macOS Monterey 12.6.1 (German), Endnote 20.4 in folder “Programme”. Any help?

I am still bombing several times a day.

I have noted that no “old” (version 9) features that I requested are back yet.

Searching with such filters as “Add to showing references” is not enabled.

Show/hide selected References|Option is missing.

Searching does not allow capitalization to be a factor.

|Search results|No group fof results|Can’t search within or highlight terms in search results

Although one can have a window open to enter a reference, you can only editareference inthe side panel. That is not a feature. Please pass itup theline that thisis an unwanted and severe limitation in the capabilities th

On a mac, os ventura 13.2.1 Use endnote all day, every day. Just upgraded from X9 to 20.5 as X9 kept crashing, and have 20 colleagues sharing my library so thought I should. Its terrible. Why have they changed all the useful functions? Its clunky to use / look at, difficult to navigate, and just not user friendly. The right side box displaying information is awful, and you can no longer see both the summary and the pdfs at the same time. WHY take this backwards step. I have been a user since version 8 and never seen anything like it. What is this kindergarden graphic??
Very unhappy…very tempted to go back to X9 despite the crashes.

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I must admit, I too am a little underwhelmed upgrading from 18 to 20.