Comma appears before semicolon in citations with multiple authors

Hi gang,

When I add a single citation with two or more authors, a comma has started to appear before the semicolon, like so:

(EVS 1992a, ; Bayley et al. 1995, ; Microbial Technologies 1995). 


 This just popped up out of nowhere and I have no clue what could have happened to make it so. I also can’t find any way of fixing this or toggling anything to make it stop. I know I must have changed something, but have no recollection of doing so! Any ideas would be very welcome.

Thank you,


It is a style thing.  Add the style as an attachment (when you are replying there is the “add attachments” link at the bottom of this edit window (under Tags).  It is easier to look at it, correct it, than it is to describe it, but the setting is probably down at the bottom of the Citations, Templates, “Multiple citation separator” as in the attached image. 

citation separator.gif

That did the trick, thanks!