No semi colon separating multiple citations and extra comma after et al. (Journal of Psychiatric Research)

I’m having difficulties with my output styles in that my multiple citations are coming out as (Smith, 2003, John, 2003) instead of (Smith, 2003; John, 2003) as well as getting an extra comma after et al’s (e.g. Smith et al, , 2003).

I’ve tried correcting it by editing the output style but nothing seems to work.

I’ve also submitted a request for an update of the Journal’s style.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Within your output style:

1.Go to the Citations section of your output style, click on “Templates”. Within the lower right hand side of the  pop-up dialog box locate the “Multiple citations separator” feature, delete the comma then type in a semi colon. 

2.Within the Citations section of your output style, click on "Author  Lists " .  Within the right hand side of the  pop-up dialog box locate the  “and abbreviate with:”   sections and delete any comma  appearing after  the  “et al.”

Also  note that when you modify the output style for the 1st time the changes will be saved to a new file with the word Copy in the file name (e.g., Journal of Psychiatri​c Research Copy). So in the Endnote tab  within the  MS word  ribbon you’ll need to switch to the new output style file in order for any changes to take effect.

Check your output style for the following:

  1. Go to  the Citations “Templates” section of your output style. Check that the “Multiple citation separator” shows a semicolon. If not, replace the entry with a semicolon.

  2. Next, go to the  Citations “Author Lists” section  and check if there’s a comma appearing after “et al.”. (Locate the “and abbreviate with:” options.) If there’s a comma present, and delete it.

If you run into further problems attach your output style.

Thank you for your reply.  Nope, everything is as you said it should be.

I’ve attached my output style - at least, I assume this is the file you want (?)

Thanks again, time is of the essence so I really appreciated your quick response!

J Psychiatric Res.ens (12.2 KB)

Thanks for the file. Looking at your output style the “Multiple citations separator” setting contained a comma instead of a semicolon  so that was corrected. Refer to the attached image which shows the resulting citations now. Notice, however, that no double comma appears after “et al.” - maybe you mistook the period at the end of the “al” for comma?.

Am attaching  the corrected output style file for your reference.

J Psychiatric Res_Baneen03.ens (12.2 KB)