Concatenate/Truncate “Tagged” Import Field(s) Data

[Oct. 7, 2013 – as of  EndNote X7]   Would appreciate greater flexibility in manipulating “tagged” import fields by enabling: 1) concatenation of multiple tags into the same EndNote field; and 2) truncating or trimming of data within tagged fields prior importing…

Concatenation of Import Tags. For example, when page numbers are stored as two separate tagged fields (e.g., Start Page, End Page) in an exported text file, would like to import them together (with an en dash) as a range into the EndNote “Pages” field, such as: 120–162. So this involves combining the following: 1) Start Page, 2) special character (en dash); and 3) End Page.

Currently the second/last tag overwrites the first tag and the en dash in the EndNote field so only the last tag/page number (162) is displayed.

Truncation/Trimming of Import Tag Data. For example, when dates are stored as a series of numbers representing YearMonthDay (20131007) it would be helpful to truncate/trim the first 4 digits to import in the EndNote Year field.  Truncation/Trimming  by: 1) the number of characters, 2) the position (left, right), and 3) blank spaces, would enable isolating specified bits of data within import tags and designate them for various EndNote fields.

Moreover, besides providing greater data manipulation by the user, truncation and concatenation would enable isolating an author’s last name or portion of the title for generating Bibtex tags within EndNote which isn’t currently available.