Adding tags to large bibliographies


I have a large text file of ~2000 references to import into Endnote. I am assuming the only way I can import these to Endnote is by adding tags to every single one? Is there a quick way to add tags to a large dataset?

At the moment the references are in the bibliography format i.e… Author, year, title etc., and some references in the list are book Chapters.

Any information would be helpful!


In order to be able to import this data, the text file would need to be in a tagged or the appropriate tab delimited format rather than the bibliographic format. See the section in the EndNote Help File for “importing” and then “creating files EndNote can import” for more information.

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I suggest that you look at this thread and at the threads referred to in that thread, to give you some ideas of what is possible and what others have done to address this problem, including some external tools.  Good luck.