Tags for more than one reference


before I decide to use Endnote I would like to know whether I can add a certain tag (a number or a combination of characters I chose freely) to more than one reference I have selected by SEARCH; i.e. I am highlighting all results of the search and would like to mark them using my special tag WITHOUT using GROUPS by simultaneous addition of the tag in a field like . Best would be if I could define a field for this purpose and add the tags into this field. Very important for me is the possibility to add the tag to the whole members of the search in ONE Step.



You can do both in EndNote (add a tag to more than one reference; define a custom field).  Probably the sequential procedure would be:

  1. Define a custom field (e.g., “My Tags”) across the EndNote reference types;

  2. Search your library to locate the entries designated for a specific tag then select them;

  3. Use EndNote’s “Change and Move Fields” option to select the custom field then “change” it to include the designated tag.

You can do a trial run on a small of entries (suggest using a “test” library file so the main library remains intact) to see how this fits your needs.

And you can “trial” Endnote first, to see if the process works for you?


yes, I have thought of this solution, but unfortunately the search and replace ROUTINE will not allow to open a custom field of all found references and replace it by a keyword I would like to add. THis would be a solution in case in every Custom field of choice there would be a character which I could replace! But the field seems to be empty. And I can not manually open every reference and add an “€” for example.

If there would be a program which would open every reference, would write “€” for example and close it in order to move to the next item, this would be great. May be I have to ask the Thomson People?

many greetings


How about exporting the EndNote references as a tab-delimited file (via the Tab-Delimited output style) then importing that file into a program like Excel (or other) which has the capacity for “Find and Replace”?  Since each EndNote field now appears as a separate column in Excel, just select the column then use the Find and/or Replace feature to change the field’s content.

Once the field’s content has been change, save the file (in Excel) then import the file back into EndNote.

You can perform a trial run with backup files to see how the process works.

In addtion to the search and replace, there is a “change and move” which will add a word or character or replace a whole field to all “showing refs”.