connecting Microsoft Word and Endnote X3

This is probably very easy. But how do I activate and link Endnote X3 and Word 2008, so I can introduce references from Endnote into a Word file?

I can’t tell from your response if there’s a problem with the EndNote X3 tab not appearing in the MS Word toolbar or whether you need instructions on how to insert citations into an MS word doc.  So here are two answers:

  1. If the EndNote tab does not appear in the MS Word toolbar, check the FAQ for instructions on installing the tab:

  1. If you need help learning how to insert  EndNote references as in-text citations into an MS Word document, here’s a link to a “Getting Started”  online training video at the Thomson Reuters site (URL below).  The two CWYW “find and sert citation” and “Insert selected citation” examples will help you get started: