repeated citation is not replaced by Ibid

Hi, I am using X7 version and Chicago 16th/author-date style on a PC.  when I insert two or more references from the same source into a Word doc footnotes (with no other reference between them) EN doesn’t replace the second reference with ‘ibid.’ I have followed instructions and checked in the Style manager/repeated citations - I have always had “replace repeated data with - Ibid”. yet it does not follow the instruction …instead I get repeated (author/year). any body out there with a solution??

Greetings hannaK,

Chicago 16th Author-Date displays references cited within footnotes in a standard parenthetical in-text citation format.  Since this particular output style is not configured to output references using EndNote’s footnote format, the mentioned settings found on the Repeated Citations tab within this style’s Footnotes section would not apply.

Please let me know if this helps.

Yes, - so you should switch to Chicago 16th footnote rather than Author-Date output style.  I have this one, or you can download it from Endnote’s help menu > Endnote Output Styles

Chicago 16th Footnote.ens (80.2 KB)