Conversion Utilities

Hi there,

Are there any utilities available to convert Reference Manager database?  I can see that through the tool I can import/export from a bunch of different formats, but is this available through some tool that I could access programmatically? (either through an API or just as a command-line utility).

The reason I would like to do that is that our team of writers currently use Reference Manager.  There is a neat visualization tool that I would like to introduce, but it only understand Bibtex database format.  So, I would like to keep our Reference Manager as the master database and have a little program that takes that database and converts it to bibtex format.  I am programmer, so I can do the automation part, but I don’t know what options I have for getting at the references locked up in our Reference Manager database.



I found a link on this page:

to here:                     

regarding SOAP services.

I need to write a Python script to export databases to XML, and it looks like there is an “Export” service that will do the trick, although I haven’t tried it yet…

Every function in Python receives a predefined number of arguments. It is possible to declare functions which receive a variable number of arguments. In high-level programming, it is often required to define functions that can take more than one argument.