Some help


I just joined this community, and hope someone might help me:

I use Reference Manager to manage a database of references which I think export in xml format and bring into an information managment system that has been programmed to receive xml files from Reference Manager.  I have two questions, actually:

  1. I am not happy with how the periodical titles appear in the information management system, and I thought I could fix this by alterting the term list.  It shows all periodicals abbreviated, with no space between the abreviations, which I don’t think is correct.  Actually I would like to have no abbreviations, or at least have the sampe.  But in fact I don’t really know how to do this, and I think I may have messed something up…(I don’t really know what I did/how to use term list to do this)
    2.  Now the information management system cannot import the xml file, because it has a new field, as our technicail told me: The new file contains new tag “abbr-1”  in the XML data

this is something new. that’s why it was rejected by the system as an invalid file

sample data from the new file:

  • <<abbr-1>
      <        style face=“normal” font=“System”>J.Agric.Univ.Puerto Rico</style>

How can I globally get rid of this new tag, from my Reference manager xml files?

Any help will be most appreciated!

If you are using RefMan’s built-in XML export feature (File > Export), instead of an ouput style, you might not be able to do much. It might be easier to ask your CMS programmer to update the XML import feature to remove or ignore the <abbr-1>s.

Or you could see if someone has made an XML output style and shared it online.

PS - I’m in RefMan 11, not sure if anything has changed for RefMan 12.