Convert Word Bibliography into references I can import into EndNote

I have a bibliography in a Word document I created some time ago with Citavi. After a computer crash I lost the Citavi library.
Now I’d like to know if there is a possibility, via any tool, to convert this Word bibliography into something EndNote can read. I try to avoid having to type all the references manually into a library catalogue to be able to import them into EndNote.
Any tips?

What subject are you in?  

Are they journals or books (or book chapters).  

How long is the document and how many citations/references are you talking about?  Do you have access to a subject database (like PubMed?) 

What is the output style that the bibliography was generated in?  

Is there a way to reveal the Catvit field codes in the word document?  If so, what do they look like?  

Here are threads discussing convertion and some tools that are out there and some articles on how to convert a text document to an importable tagged document, you can look at.

Thanks a lot!
I actually spent so much time looking for possible solutions that I finally decided to copy them one by one into Google Scholar and to export the data. It worked with more or less precision, I had to correct quite a lot of entries but finished them by now.