Importing FROM Word

Is it possible to import a paragraph delineated list of citations from Word (.doc file) INTO an Endnote library (.enl file)? Any help would be much appreciated!  Thanks.

there are several resources

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There is a thread discussing some of the tools, HubMed and cb2Bib that can help with this.

Is the Adept link right? I tried it and got “Is EasyPC supported under XP?”

Either I had it wrong  or they changed their site (I have removed the old link from the message below).  Here are two links on the adept site that walk you thru converting your document into a format that you can import into endnote.  I found these among 9 that matched a search of the knowledge base: with the words import word endnote (the other 7 are not relevant). 

(Deleted one link as dead, the other below is a hard to read redirect).

I still strong suggest that downloading the information from a database will provide you with a lot more useful information (and minimize any typographical errors), including abstracts, MESH keywords, DOI, often author addresses, etc. and  building from scratch prospectively is pretty easy, as long as you are in a field when you have access to databases.  We in the sciences are pretty lucky in that regard.

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I kind of synchronize my voice with Leanne. When I see articles, there are some distinctions, pre-95 or post-95. Around 97 or 98, the field I work (biomedicine, bioscience) started to make online database really available to public. So, there is high incidence references in pre-95 papers were typed manually and contain some errors. So, I woudn’t bother trying OCR these documents. Even I have copy&paste-able PDF file, I wouldn’t import them directly to Endnote. I check my central database (Pubmed) and double check the contents (authors, journal name, volume) are corrent, and import.

Doing this takes formidable amount of time, but there is always something I need to spend time to keep the quality of information at its best. Automation sometimes end up high abundance of information, but comes with low quality, and thus become useless.

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