Converting a ProCite 5 database to EndNote

I am considering converting a bibliographic database written on a PC in ProCite 5 to EndNote on a Mac. I assume some of you have made this migration. How did it go? Would you do it again? What do you know know about the conversion that you wish you had known then? Kel

Refer to the EndNote Knowledge Base article  “EndNote: Converting a ProCite database to EndNote”, 


If you wish to test the conversion you could download the free 30-day trial version of EndNote X7:

Thank you, CrazyGecko. Very helpful. I’ll give the 3-day free trial a go. Kel

Check the system requirements before installing and that note there were some issues with X7 and Mac users running OS 10.9 Mavericks which reportedly were addressed:


system requirements:


OS 10.9 (Mavericks):







Thanks for the additional heads-up. I purchased my new MacBook Pro two weeks ago. It runs OS 10.9 (Mavericks) and has more than enough RAM and hard drive capicity. I stayed with MS Office 2011 for Mac, so am running Word 2011 for Mac. Unless I’m missing something, I should be in good shape hardware-wise. Now if I can follow the conversion directions correctly…  Kel

Hello Kel,

Yes, you should be fine with EndNote on Mavericks and Cite While You Write in MS Word 2011. If you have any questions or concerns while you run the conversion, please give our Customer Support a call. You can find the numbers here:

And, thanks for all of your help, CrazyGecko!


EndNote Team

Thank you, MeredithM, for reaching out and offering support, if needed. Knowing that there’s a safety net waiting makes jumping off the conversion cliff far less intimidating. Kel