Good news - Finally EndNote as 64-bit application available!!!

Good news (Finally, EndNote as 64-bit application available!!! ). Many thanks to Clarivate Analytics!!!

EndNote X9.3.1 for Macintosh
Released September 24, 2019

This update contains the following:

  1. Compatible with macOS Catalina
  2. New database engine to comply with Apple’s 64-bit compatibility requirements
    NOTE: When you open an existing library in X9.3 and later for Mac, it will create a converted version for use with this new database engine. The original library will not be changed, so you can continue using it X9.2 or earlier. Alternatively, use Sync to move your data across systems and versions.
  3. Dark Mode support
  4. Unicode support updated and modernized
  5. Other improvements and bug fixes
  6. Resolved an issue with the software updater (Fixed in X9.3.1)

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Yay, thank you! that’s great news.

However, I have problems to convert my reference database. The conversion starts, but after the progress bar has finished, the created files vanish and an error message is displayed: “This library is currently used by someone else. Try opening it again later.” I tried it several times. Restarted the computer - nothing changed. 

I’ll attach a small movie to illustrate the behaviour.

Thanks for listening.

Karsten Liere (679 KB)