Converting an earlier Endnote library to Endnote XI

I have just recently purchased and am running an iMac with OS 10.5 software, Office 2008and Endnote XI.  I have downloaded the Endnote XI patch for this software and am able to use it with my Word software.  I have a major Endnote library from my previous computer that, when I open it, it is empty.  This library was initially created in an earlier version of Endnote (I am uncertain of which version) but had subsequently been converted to an Endnote X library (filetransferred from older computer) prior to attempting to open it in Endnote XI. I guess my question is, is Endnote XI unable to convert libraries originally constructed in a pre-Endnote 7 format but converted to a post-Endnote 7 format? If not, any suggestions on how I might save this library? 

Sounds like the DATA folder which is the siamese twin of your user friendly enl library wasn’t copied to the new computer…starting with version 8 and all thereafter, for every library you create there is an automatically created/updated DATA folder labeled yourlibrarynameDATA folder…its purpose is to rebuild your library if it is corrupted.

Can you still go back to your old hard drive and find the DATA folder for the ENX1 library?  or perhaps it is on your new computer but in a different drive?  If you locate it, just move it to the drive with your enl file and all should be well…

If you can’t locate the DATA folder contact EN tech support and ask if you have options for them to rebuild the library.

good luck,