Endnote XI problems in converting libraries created in earlier Endnote versions

I have just recently purchased and am running an iMac with OS 10.5 software, Office 2008 and Endnote XI.  I have downloaded the Endnote XI patch for this software and am able to use it with my Word software.  I have a major Endnote library from my previous computer that, when I open it, it is empty.  This library was initially created in an earlier version of Endnote (I am uncertain of which version) but had been converted to an Endnote X library prior to attempting to opening it in Endnote XI.  I guess my question is, is Endnote XI unable to convert libraries originally constructed in a pre-Endnote 7 format but converted to a post-Endnote 7 format? If not, any suggestions on how I might save this library?