Coordinating bibliographic citations with textual endnotes?

Writing for Science, I need to have both bibliographic citations and textual endnotes, numbered consecutively. I’m using Word 2007 and Endnote X2. How can I get the Endnote citations to intercalate properly with my textual endnotes?

The idea is that I’d have something like this:

Here is a sentence that needs a bibliographic reference (1). And here I insert a note describing some details that don’t belong in the main text (2). And here’s another reference (3). …


(1) R.J. Drofnats, J. Foobar 6, 443 (1875).

(2) The thermistor was calibrated to the triple point of water.

(3) W.S. Broecker, Science 189, 460 (1975).

When you want to insert a note (as distinct from a citation), go to the Citations section of the EndNote tab on the Word 2007 ribbon. Click on the “Insert Citation” arrow, and select “Insert Note”. When the dialog box opens, type the text of your note in the box.

Thanks. That answers my question.