I am required to include certain notes in my reference section. For example:

  1.  A. B. Charlie et al., Science Journal 123 , 4567-4569 (2012).

  2.  This is a note I am required to make.

  3.  D. E. Foxtrot et al., History Journal 987 , 6543-6545 (2013).

What is the recommended way to do this?



Hello Eric,

I would suggest using the Insert Note command. The method for this will depend on your version of EndNote and your operating system platform. Generally speaking, place your cursor where you want the note number to appear within the body of the text. Go to the EndNote tab in the ribbon of Word. Look for the arrow for “Insert Citation” and select Insert Note. Here you can type the text of the note and click OK. The note text will appear as a part of your reference list.

You can use a feature in CWYW called Insert Note to do this type of Reference.

You can find more information in the EndNote Manual

For X8

For X7

Here is some of the steps you would find in the Manual.

Some journal styles (such as Science) require that you include notes along with the list of works cited at the end of the document. In such a system, notes are numbered just like citations, and are included in the reference list in order of appearance, along with bibliographic references.
Including notes in this way makes sense only when you are formatting your paper with a numbered style (not an author- date style).
To insert text as a numbered note in the reference list:
1.    Position the cursor at the location in your text where you would like the number indicating the note.
2.    From the Tools menu, go to the EndNote submenu, and then select Insert Note to display the EndNote Insert Note dialog. From the EndNote tab, select Insert Citation, and then Insert Note.
3.    Type your note text into the text box. There is no limit on the amount of text you can enter.
4.    Click OK to insert a numbered note.
When your paper is formatted by EndNote using a numbered style, the note text is assigned a number and listed along with the references at the end of the paper.
The way that notes are displayed when unformatted can be changed in the Temporary Citations preferences.
To manually type text as a numbered note in the reference list:
1.    Type the text into the body of your document where you would want the number for the note to appear.
2.    Be sure to surround the entire section of text with your Temporary Citation Delimiters (curly braces by default), and begin it with “NOTE:”. For example:
{NOTE: The authors would like to acknowledge the support of…}
Restrictions on the Use of the “NOTE” Feature:
⦁    This feature requires that a numbered style be used for formatting; otherwise, the note appears as text in the body of your paper.
⦁    Enter alphanumeric text only. Do not enter graphics, equations, or symbols.
⦁    Do not use the temporary citation delimiters as part of the text of the note. Other markers, such as the record number marker, the prefix marker, and the multiple citation separator may be used.
⦁    Notes cannot be combined with regular bibliographic citations within the same set of delimiters (such as parentheses or brackets). They must be cited separately— each in its own set of delimiters.

Windows 10, Endnote X7.

Your instructions were excellent. I believe I have inserted a note that will be numbered as a reference in accordance with the style of the journal I am formatting my manuscript for.


I am glad that I was able to help.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.