importing edited book info for template

I would like to import the information for an edited book which has several chapters I want to cite.  If I import it as “Book” then when I go to the copies I have made (as instructed in “Entering Several Articles from the Same Source” to create a reference template) they are in the Book format.  In order to enter the individual chapter information I think I need the Book Section format.  Is there a way to do this so the reference template you duplicate leaves room for the individual chapter info to be entered into the template?  Thanks.

Not really an automated way.  I import the book, convert to chapter (book section I mean) and move the relevant bits (book title and editors), so I can copy it (if adding multiple chapters from the same book) and then manually add the chapters.  There just isn’t a database easily accessible for these kind of records.  

Sometimes they show up the proprietary databases, especially if the “book” is published as an issue of a journal or as a compendium of a journal, but not often.