Copying from One Field to another

Hello. I am doing conversions of several databases from Procite to Endnote X1. After I clean up in Procite and do the conversion, I need to locate and attach hundreds of PDFs. Generally I have been saving the PDF names after the article title, journal initials, and year, and attaching easily that way. However, I have a new database with a specialized PDF naming convention, and I wondered how I could “add to the end of the custom field” numbers to be appended to the specialized PDF name - ex.

PDF_01, PDF_02, PDF_03, etc.

Or, how I could copy the record numbers from the record number field into the end of a custom field.

Thank you. 

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EndNote X1 has a Move Fields function. I’ll be happy to point you to the instructions in the manual on using the utility. Please note, however, that changes made with this utility are permanent, and cannot be undone. We therefore recommend always making a backup copy of your library before using it. 

When you’re ready, please open your EndNote X1 manual (Start>Programs>EndNote>EndNote manual) and open to page 163. The parts about “Move Fields” are particularly of interest to you.

I hope this helps! 

Thanks! I do know about the Move Fields option and have used it.

The problem is that it actually moves the info from one field to another , rather than copying it and leaving the original field intact. I believe my need at the time was to be able to keep a specific field intact (like the record number), but also to copy its contents into another field that I could then append with a letter or sequence for tracking/matching to PDF names.


BTW, when will Endnote roll out the exciting >50 group patch?


But you can’t move the record field - and obviously you wouldn’t want to move it - but only to copy it. I think I will go down to the Suggestions forum and reiterate my recurring request for a Copy function that would include the Record number field as a source!

In response to - “BTW, when will Endnote roll out the exciting >50 group patch?” - The custom group limit was increased from a maximum of 50 to 500 in the X1.0.1 free update patch released last fall.

More information can be found here - 

Totally agree. We need the copy function to. I need to copy the PMID to URL filed and add link in front of it. Hope Endnote will listen to our suggestion and add the copy function in the new version.

Also agree - anybody here who solved this problem?

Or does anybody know if this function had been implemented in the new X4 version?

Regards, Ulrike

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Nope - it still hasn’t been implemented.  Perhaps we need to make a “suggestions” thread to advocate for this feature?

silly me, we already did that!  see here.