Vote for me! -- Add global copy field functionality in addition to the Move field options.

 I keep asking the developers for a “copy” function, to copy one field to another, rather than only having the “move” option.


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That would also make it easy to create label field, copying other unique identifiers like PubMED ID or DOI without changing the original field entry of these data. That would make >5 investigator collaboration relatively easy (assuming they all download these unique ID’s in their library).


Another vote!! Please EN developers…


Another vote from EN user with aching finger tips … copying would be so much easier!

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I have to copy/edit the author’s field for different reporting purposes (first, last, member of a  specific institution, shared authorships …)

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and another vote - I’d like to copy the Record Number into the Label field for an existing library.

Any chance of this happening soon?

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Please correct me if I am wrong – doesn’t X6 have a Tools, Change/Move/Copy Fields feature that does what you are asking?

Yes and no.  It does include the copy function (yeah), but unfortunately the Record Number is not one of the available fields to copy (boo).  – So the functionality I wanted is still not possible.  

To make permanent, the record number from a specific library into the record itself.  So if I combine my library with that of a student, I can copy my record number, prefixed by LMW and my students, prefixed by STU into a new field and then combine them.  Over the years it has become less important. 

My paper files (filed by record number!) are getting into the “classic era” anyway.

and Endnote now seems to care more about content than about the record number, so it can figure out if there is a match in a library that may not even match the record number.   

Oh, I see. Yes, they seem to have an odd aversion to including all possible parameters when choosing items. Reference Type also does not appear in the Change Fields menu. But you can get to Reference Types in the Find and Replace feature.

I have elsewhere posted my surprise that you can search for LCCN in some libraries, such as Library of Congress, but not in others, even though the others DO support LCCN searching (I know, because I can search for LCCNs  in those others in Procite).