Add Copy field fuction to "change or move" option

It would be great if the facility to move fields also provided the option to copy fields from one place to another.  See the discussion at:

for one reason. 

It would also be good to allow one to copy the record number in this way, as it then becomes a fixed number even if you copy the records to another library (such as a colleagues library).  I would then copy the record number to - say LABEL, and then use the change text facility to add some specific identifier, like LMW# in front of them, to specify which (or whose) library it originated from. 

I vote for this function.

Having record number and library name in temporary citation will be useful particularly if more than three people work on one document with several endnote libraries. But unformatted text would be very long…that’s not good.

For Pubmed-related collaborative work, using Pubmed ID (stored in accession number) as the temporary citation identifier solves this problem. But not all the people store Pubmed ID in their Endnote library…so there aren’t easy solutions for collaborative work.

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I am soprry to see that this is still not possible in Version X5.

Please add a copy field function

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