Copying references from one document to another from two different endnote libraries.


I have a master document which contains all my literature.

I am now creating another document and want to use some of my literature. I do the following:

1.) Create a new document

2.) Export endnote references from office machine to endnote web

3.) Go to my endnote home computer and download the references

4.) Create a new document

5.) Copy from the master document to a new document

6.) The paraghgraph gets copied

7.) The bibilography at the end does not get updated

Could you please let me know where and what am I doing wrong?


Could you clarify a couple of issues?

  1. I assume the copied paragraph has in-text citations related to the downloaded references? 

  2. Were the downloaded references maintained in a separate library or did you download them into your “main” library?  If downloaded into the main library, the record numbers may have changed. Try downloadng the references into a new and separate library then with both libraries open, unformat then reformat the document.

Also, maintain backup master files as a precaution before “tinkering”.

What version of Endnote and why not just use Endnote Web, rather than transferring from and to Endnote? 

Thank you. Reformated it as suggested and it came-up just fine.