Multiple document merge issues

Hi EndNote Users,

Hoping you can help with a problem that seems like it might be common in the community but I can’t find the solution.

I’m trying to generate one master document from smaller documents collaborators have sent through. My document (lets call it the Master) has an EndNote library associated with it. Documents A and B were sent by collaborators and have EndNote citations and bibliographies. I was not sent any libraries for either documents A or B, I only have my own library.

When transfering text from A into the Master I simply hit control C and control V, cutting and pasting the text from A. I just hit paste, not paste special or anything. This resulted in the Master finding the reference, converting it from text to numbered and inserting it into the bibliography at the end of the Master. I tried the same approach with B but it doesn’t work. It pastes the field code in but this does not seem to update anything. I’ve tried copy paste, cut paste, nothing seems to work, even pasting as formatted text vs HTML. 

Is there something I’m not doing or doing by accident with document B which means that the references aren’t behaving in the same way as with A?



p.s. EndNote X8.2 on Windows 7 PC using Word 2010, all documents were docx format, just in case anyone cares.

Are you sure “B” used Endnote and not the word citation tool or another product? 

If sure used Endnote: I assume you tried “update bibliography and citations”? 

Have you tried first exporting the traveling library (and I would do this for both), into a separate library, and then importing them into your library (with discard duplicates on).  Then they should be accessible from your library.  It may have to search for them, and for you to ensure the right one is selected.