Correcting reference numbers after changing order of sentences

I have written several sentences that each end with a reference number. If I change the order of the sentences, the reference numbers remain as they were. Thus, as they are encountered in the text they are not numbered 1, 2, 3, etc., but keep their old numbers (e.g. they are numbered 5, 2, 4, 1, 3 as they are encountered). How do I correct the reference numbers? Thank you.

I assume you are using a style that lists them in order of appearance.  If you have cwyw active, they should renumber.  But to be absolutely sure, try “refomat bibliography” from the toolbar or endnote menu.  Double check the style that has been applied and double check that CWYW is enabled from the third tab of that menu box.  Click Okay.  Are they now in the correct order? 

The reference numbers in the text do not automatically renumber when I move sentences around. For example:

Hello there (1). How are you. Nice to meet you. I am fine (2).

If I cut and paste the 1st sentence to change the sequence, the references do not renumber in the sequence 1, 2 but remain 2, 1:

How are you. Nice to meet you. I am fine (2). Hello there (1).

The references do renumber in sequence if I insert new references in various sentences:

Hello there (1). How are you (2). Nice to meet you. I am fine (3).  

I cannot find “reformat bibliography”, but I do find “format bibliography”. If I select that and then click OK in the bottom right of the window that opens, the references then become correctly numbered in sequence in the text. Instant formatting is turned on in the third tab of “format bibliography”, so I assume I have CWYW enabled.

Thank you for your help. I am new to this program. 

Yes, it sometimes doesn’t reformat immediately, upon moving references.  I am not sure of the delay or if you can change the delay.  If it rescanned all the time, it would become even more sluggish than the memory hungry program already is.  “format bibliography” is what I meant. 

I didn’t realize this was a delay in formatting. In other words, if I give it some time, it will eventually make the correction on its own?

I am not sure.  It will, as you noted, if you continue working and add new references.  I am not sure what else would trigger a scan, apart from “format bibliography”. 

I guess that is the solution:

If reference numbers are out of order because sentences or paragraphs are moved around, the problem will be corrected as new references are added. Alternatively, one can click “format bibliography” on the EndNote toolbar in Word.

Thank you for your help.