Renumber References

Dear Friends

I have found Endnote very ridiculous.

The references in my Word Document starts from 9!!!

Further in the text, in page 21, it goes back to 4 and 5, and then even more back to reference 2 in page 23.

Reference 1 only appear in page 26.

Could you please let me know if you have face already such ridiculous situation with Endnote?

Do you know how to tackle this or show I just change to another software (a more serious one).

Thank you very much



The sort of numbers is defined by your chosen output style. Perhaps they are alphabetical, rather then ordered by appearance?  

What publisher are you targeting this for?  Perhaps there is already an output style you can switch to that orders them and lists them according to their criteria?  

Numbered style should list them in order of appearance (unless they are cited again later, and then it will reuse the earlier number.  – Also, make sure none are in text boxes, which will force them to be numbered first.