Numbered citations appear out of order in text

Hi all,

I have experienced an issue a few times while editing. It seems to occur after moving larger chunks of text around a document. Basically, the citation order is being rearranged (i.e., the first citation in the document is now numbered ‘3’; the citation numbered ‘1’ appears several paragraphs in after ~ 2 dozen other citations. I’ve tried to update the field codes, but this hasn’t fixed it. In the Edit Citations dialog box, there are no other citations listed above the first citation (numbered ‘3’). I’m using EndNote X / Windows XP / Word 2003.

Any suggestions?



Message Edited by dviola on 07-02-2009 06:58 PM

Are you  sure you don’t have references in a text box?  They get numbered first.  See for the fix. 

There aren’t any text boxes, but there may be a citation stuck in deleted text that is still being held in Track Changes. I’ll have to check when I’m back in the office tomorrow. Would that lead to the same behavior?

Not usually.  But I would unformat and reformat the references, remembering to turn on CWYW again at the end.  cleaning up tracked changes is probably a good idea too.  Anything that makes the document bigger, with all that “hidden code” can make corruption a possibility.