Court Cases

What’s the best way to cite court cases in Endnote X1? When I fill out the Case fields in the references, I wind up with the full case name in quote marks in the text, and the biblio doesn’t include the full citation.

How the citation and bibliography is displayed depends upon the output style’s templates and how the individual field data within the EndNote record was entered.


Some adjustments may be needed, including manually editing the citation, but could you identify: 1) the output style you’re using, and 2) what the correct citation and bibliographic entry should be?

I had to switch from APSR to Chicago, and that actually fixed it. Thanks anyway!

I am having this issue also in the intext citations getting the case in quotes,  here is an example (“National Railroad Passenger Corp. v. Catlett Volunteer Fire Company Inc.,” 1991). I am using endnote x7 and the APA format, I have also tried  chiacago format and one other.

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I think I have firured it out, It was not selected the same in microsoft word as it was in endnot X7.


Yes, what is selected in Endnote has no effect on what is selected in the word document, so you can work on more than one manuscript to more than one publisher!