Legal Citation: Abbreviated Case Name despite empty field in reference

Hey everbody,

I have a problem citing legal cases. Can anybody help?

For cases used multiple times I have filled in the field “Abbreviated Case Name” of my reference. For cases I will only use once this field remains empty.

Problem with single use cases: EndNote will automatically insert the full “Case Name” again in brackets as “Abbreviated Case Name”. I just want Endnote to skip this field.


Menachem Binyamin Zivotofsky v. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State (Menachem Binyamin Zivotofsky v. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State), U.S. Supreme Court, 566 U.S. 189 (2012)

My current output format:


Case Name|*(Abbreviated Case Name)|,*Court|,*Judge|,*Date Decided|,*Reporter Volume|*Reporter|*First Page|*(Year Decided)|,*S. Cited*Pages

Case - Short form

Abbreviated Case Name, Reporter Volume|*Reporter*First Page|*(Year Decided)|,*S.*Cited Pages

(* = Link Adjecent)

Cheers - I will be very grateful for any hint!