Referencing case-law


Does anyone know if it’s possible to chance the way case law is cited by endnote? Endnote applies the same citing style as to other types of references, i.e. (author (year)). However, this is not the way I’d like to cite case-law I’d therefore like to customize it. I managed to change the way case-law is referenced in the bibliography but not in footnote citations.

Much appreciated if someone can point how to do this!

Also, is it possible to use a different style template for subsequent refrences to the same case? For instance, after the first citation is it possible to limit further citations to the abbreviated case name?


Are all your citations in footnotes?  Unlike the intext citations, which do not have any variation apart from the (Author, Year) and Author (Year) (or hide author or hide year) options, footnotes do have ref type specific templates for the citations.  And footnotes also have the option to have a “short version” of the citations which you could have the full case name field replace by a  field with the abbreviated case name, for subsequent references.  Have you looked at Blue book-Law review for examples.  It has a field for the abbreviated case name which is used in the short form of the footnote.