Coventry University Harvard Style?


I was wondering whether it’s possible to get the CUHarvard Style into endnote? I have a CSL available from and I’d like to convert it to an EndNote Style or at least have EndNote be able to use it?

I’ve attached the CSL for reference.

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Much easier to adapt the Endnote harvard output style if you know the differences than to convert the csl version.  How does it differ?  Are there author instructions with examples you can link to?  



Thanks for your response. Looking at the CUHarvard Style (bottom), it seems that the title is surrounded with Apostrophes, Authors are not in all caps, and a DOI or URL is always provided if there is one. I’m struggling to understand the EndNote x8 Editor as the formatting options seem absent. Attatched is Harvard (top) and CUHarvard (bottom) for a comparison of the same reference.

The CUHarvard referencing guide is very vague, but it does briefly mention that the closest style is APA 6th and that this style requires little adaptation to change to CUHarvard.

It is easy to see formating options in Windows version.  I seem to recall they are more “hidden” in the Mac version.  

you only gave one example (of an e-journal) so not sure how other reference types are handled with regard to the quotes.  I added them to  the journal article fields and e-article fields of the attached revised version (which I actually started from Adv agronomy, as it looked closer to begin with).  But that means it also doesn’t have a lot of the ref types specified.  I added the e-article one. 

However I found these Author Guidelines which aren’t vague at all (and don’t seem to be exactly what you showed either as articles in journals don’t have quotes?):

so futher edits may be needed. 

CU-Harvard.ens (14.9 KB)

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Hi Leanne,

Thanks so much for your edit. It looks as if your contribution is enough for the bibliography of my current project. I really appreciate the work you’ve put in for this.

I think I’m going to go over this style in more depth and check over any other changes needed once my current project is done, just in case other Coventry Students are looking for this style.


thanks for the info

Hi ! hope you are doing well. Is this the correct formate for CU Harvard referencing style?

can i put this file to my endnote?