'Harvard' style for Emerald journals?

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For an article in one of Emerald’s journals (http://www.emeraldinsight.com) I am trying to create a reference list using EndNote, but cannot find a suitable (export) style.

Emerald states that references should be in ‘Harvard’ style and when I search for this in EndNote I find four possible candidates. Problem is that none of these four corresponds with the reference style Emerald uses: none of them uses a comma (,) as a separator and neither do they list titles between quotes ("").

As far as I have searched, all of Emerald’s journals seem to use this reference style, so I would be surprised if there isn’t an EndNote export style available.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

PS: For an explanation of ‘how-to-refer’ in Emerald journals see for instance: http://info.emeraldinsight.com/products/journals/author_guidelines.htm?id=arj

My post has now been read over 600 times, but no answer. It seems a highly relevant question to me, as it concerns many journals (and thus EndNote users).

Do the moderators/owners/EndNote technicians still read this forum?

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Sorry for your frustration.

The power of Endnote is that you can edit a style to suit the particular journal’s requirements. It is, in fact, dangerous to assume that just because a journal style is available in Endnote, that it is exactly correct, as journals change their minds over time.

Editing a preexisting style is pretty easy, although it usually takes a bit of tweaking. When you open the style manager (from edit > output styles) you can view style previews, and try to pick one that is closest. Then “edit” it and save it as a new name. You might then have to open the manager again to select it and get it to display in your list. The PDF manual and help features of the program help with instruction on how to edit a style.

This is primarily a users’ forum and it is really nice that the Endnote techs do drop in from time to time. But there is official tech support which is very good at responding, available from the http://www.endnote.com website. And there is also a style finder (albeit not very user friendly) and more importantly a place to request new styles at http://www.endnote.com/support/enstyles.asp.   

Instructions on how to use Emerald with EndNote can be found on the site in the user help files at http://info.emeraldinsight.com/help/user/citation.htm

I hope this will help!  

Hi ap70,

Thanks for your help, but I think this isn’t really what I was looking for. If I understand it correctly, the page you are referring to only deals with importing references from articles in Emerald journals. I am looking for a way to (easily) create your own references, i.e. a style that provides the correct output format for Emerald journals.

I guess it just doesn’t exist… 

Harvard style isn’t a fixed standard, like Vancouver style. There are many “variations”.

Try this style, which has templates for book, edited book, book section, conference proceeding, and journal article.

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Harvard Modified.ens (13.1 KB)

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Great, myoshigi! At first sight this looks exactly like what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

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Myoshigi: You rock. Thank you so much. This just what I needed to. I am working on modifying a paper for submission to an Emerald journal. Arigato gozaimasu, Scot Holliday

Hi, could you plz tell me what to do with your uploaded file, i am sorry, i am blank

Open it and save as to a new name.  Then in your word document, on the endnote ribbon, change the output style to the new name.  You may have to view all styles first to find it. 

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