website referencing

I am using a lot of web-based sources in my research but have found that end note is not quoting the Url or access date in the bibliography.  I have been using Harvard style.  What do I need to do to fix this?

Does this one work for you?  I don’t know if I edited it or if it came out of the box. 

Your record needs to be entered as “web page” or as “electronic article” to get the URL and access date included.  It won’t be generated if the record is “Journal Article” for example.  You can look at what bibliography templates are defined in the Harvard style.  If you are using a ref type that isn’t defined, Endnote will try to use the “generic” template, which also will not include URL or access.  Then you need to add your reference type to the template list and perhaps copy the electronic article to it and add any additions neccessary.   If it isn’t exactly what you want, and you are having trouble, post it back here and identify the problem and one of us might be able to help.  Or request a modified version to the suggest link here:

Harvard.ens (23.5 KB)