Create Traveling Library in order of appearance (incl. citations in footnotes)

Dear All,

I have a word-document, that has e.g. 8 citations:

  • citations 1-3 are in the main body of the word document
  • citations 4-5 are citations in footnoes
  • citations 6-8 are again the main body of the word documnet.

Now the bibliography is created according to the ordner of appearance of each citation (1-8).

However , when creating a traveling library the record numbers of citations 4-5 are not 4 and 5 (within the newly created traveling library) but they are moved to a higher number.

When I use a document that does not have any citations in footnotes, the record numbers of the traveling library match the number of the bibliography.

Does some know how I can create a traveling library that also considers citations in footnotes and provides the record number in the correct order of appearance?


records in travelling libraries are temporary and are not controlable.