Listing citations in the order in which they were entered in the library

I’m a new user, working with an author to create a new chapter for a new edition of an ElEng textbook. I use Vista/Word2007/Endnote7.

I created the first version of the MS before he gave me the list of references. He wanted to proofread V1 before giving me extensive changes plus the reference list.

I’ve entered the list he gave me in my library. Now I want to export it as a bibliography *in the order in which I entered them into the library*. (The “numbered list” default is alphabetical by first author.)

The author works entirely from hard copy, so there is no need for me to link to the reference numbers in the text in terms of quickly producing a list I can print.

EndNote has a “Added to Library” date field which could be used for sorting references but it doesn’t include a time-stamp which seems to be needed in your situation. A possible alternative is to sort by the Record Number field. Since each reference is assigned a sequential record number when entered into the EndNote library, the record number can serve to identify the order-of-entry.


You’ll need to modify your output style’s bibliography “Sort Order” setting in order to generate the exported reference list  sorted by record number:


1.Go to the EndNote toolbar, select Edit > Output Styles > Edit [name of the output style.]


2. (See attached image1). Locate the Bibliography section then click Sort Order.

    a.Click “Other”.

    b. In the sort options pop-up window click the pull-down menu to select “Record Number”.

    c.Click OK.

    d. Close the output style. Note that modifying the output style will cause the changes to be saved as a new output style file with the word Copy appended to the file name.  


3. Now to generate the list select all the references then click File > Export. In the export dialog window (see attached image2).Change the output file to the newly modified file and save as an .rtf format. Click Save.


2_Export Dialog Window.gif