Creating a cross-reference to a footnote number?

Can EndNote create a cross-reference to a footnote number? For example, “John Doe, supra note 3, at 132”.

Of course, the cross-reference needs to be automatically updated as the first footnote citing the source changes its number.

Both Zotero and Refworks are lacking in this functionality.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I have the same problem. It is pretty basic functionality for legal writing I would think and gives me a headache after a first draft is finished if I go back and want to rearrange, amend or delete sections. I do a lot of cross-referencing. 

Are you using a numbered style or an author-date style? It’s possible create a cross reference in Endnote but unfortunately it won’t be dynamic (automatically updating when the source changes numbers.) Would be a handy feature, however, so you might submit the idea on the product suggestion section of the forum.

How does one create a cross-reference in EndNote? I haven’t been able to find any documentation.

Like the OP, I need subsequent citations in the form “Surname, supra note __, at pp.” I’m using a style modified from the Bluebook Law Review. The document has over 1000 footnotes with multiple citations per FN.

I don’t think this has been addressed in any newer versions.  Like the conflict between Table of Authorities fields and EndNote fields discussed in your other post, I think a similar problem would happen with indicies or cross ref word fields.